Seed Love

LuvEnlightens is a social enterprise with a Global Heartwarming Intention. Our intention is to cause love to grow in ourselves and the earth--change the environment within ourselves and our world to love.

LuvEnlightens has partnered with Trees for the Future, a charitable organization, whose mission is to ensure food access for vulnerable communities while continuing to protect and repair our planet by planting trees.  For every purchase, a portion of the profits will be donated to secure a tree is being planted in your honor.
So please, think of how you would like for love to be manifested more in the world. You can hold a thought, prayer or intention for yourself, someone else or whatever is important to you. Imagine as your seed of love is growing, likewise the thought, prayer or intention for love is growing, blooming, oxygenating the planet. 
How’s that? Can you imagine the whole world being touched by your love? I can! And I know, you, as a supporter of LuvEnlightens Lifestyle Apparel will feel the love too!
So, come on! Shop and Seed Love! We thank you and the planet will too! 


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To learn more about Trees for the Future, please visit their website at