About Luv

We, here at LuvEnlightens, share the common bond through the heartbeat of humanity. We accept one another as people. We believe love transforms. We share loving messages to enlighten the soul.

LuvEnlightens Lifestyle Apparel Brand offers unique affirmations or statements to empower the human soul. Our affirmations are intended to speak life to you and whomever reads. Choose a message that resonates with you.

LuvEnlightens seeks to provide buttery soft, feel-good-to-the-skin comfort clothing with integrity. We align our services to be comprehensive to the whole from who is making the T-shirts, ensuring protective labor laws are being adhered to and with the least amount of damage to the environment.

We are an essential part of the environment. When you purchase a T-shirt, LuvEnlightens will donate to Trees for the Future, a charitable organization, to support our Global Heartwarming intention.

Get involved. Become a LuvBud. Share a message of love. Buy a Tee, Plant a Tree.

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 Thank you,

💗Angel, Founder & Creative Visionary